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Inside Electron:

It is well known that magnetic field is created by electron spin. In the following schema we see an electron spinning, and with the direction of rotation of the electron, the direction of magnetic fields is defined as N-S or S-N:

For more information you can consult (

Our problem was, how magnetic field is created, and it consists of what?

We have supposed the existence of two kind of tiny particles; we called them electric charge tiny particles and magnetic charge tiny particles, which is a part of our tiny particles theory that governs the whole of universe physics, dynamics and structure.

Electric charge tiny particles are the particles that form the electric charge of an electron. All that particles are surrounding the electron, at a big quantity. They are rotating around the electron; there rotation is managed by the rotation of the electron:

Magnetic charge tiny particles form the magnetic field lines. These particles are existent around the electron atmosphere. The magnetic field lines are created by the movement of these charges that are absorbed by the electron nucleus and then ejected in a cycle of vortex movement that is explained in this schema cycle:

Magnetic Field Life Cycle:

1- The nucleus is rotating by the effect of the rotation of the electron. It creates a Vortex moving particles from up to down. It absorbs the particles form the up side of the electron and ejects them in the down side of the electron.

A vortex creation in a rotating liquid water was observed in the ISS Station experiments made by NASA Team. They have noticed that a rotating water sphere in zero gravity forms a vortex inside; where less dense particles goes to the center, denser particles are ejected to the exterior of the rotating liquid sphere. (See for more details).

The vortex is moving particles to the down due to the egged shape of the center; see this experiment as a proof (

Water Vortex made by rotating object inside the liquid.
The egged shape of the object causes the vortex to move
particles from up to down, but this effect is coupled
with gravity, and this experience is to be made
in zero gravity to be proved (To be discussed).

2- Tiny electric charge particles, tiny magnetic charge particles, and combined electric and magnetic charges go to the center of electron,

3 - At the center of the vortex, tiny electric charges are ejected to the exterior due to their less density. The suspension of tiny electric charges in the electron exterior atmosphere forms the electric charge of the electron.

4 - Magnetic tiny particles are circulated the other side of the electron, as they are retained by the vortex dur to their ensity, and are ejected in the down side of the electron as magnetic fields.

5- The movement of the ejected tiny magnetic charge forms the magnetic field.

6,7- Some electric tiny charge particle combines with tiny magnetic charges to form combinations, we have no name for theses combined particles.

8- The cycle repeats again, with the absorption of particles from the top of the vortex.

Another picture concludes with the electron inside structure, and explains the cycle of creation of magnetic field charges and movement:

Inside Electron. Magnetic Field Life Cycle.

The Magnetic Field Inversion:

When an inverse magnetic field is passed over an electron; its magnetic field changes. The current conclusions said that electron changes its rotation causing the magnetic field movement to go down to up rather up to down. However, does really electron change rotation? No, In fact, electron is inversed or invert axis by the movement of the magnetic field tiny charges coming from the new magnetic field passed over the electron, if they are more stronger than the current magnetic field generated by the electron:


When a stronger magnetic field passes over an electron, it is forced to change its axis.

This explains why a current magnetic field of an object is changed only by a stronger magnetic field.


Inside Earth Structure:

The following schema explains the major structure of earth.

The caves layer may abrit a form of life because it contains tiny quantities of oxygen, and water. May be some replitian primitive life.

Interiour Mantle: May contain unknown form of life.

Outer Grain: Contains compressed gases and dust by the inner core, the gas and dust mixture is so compressed that a tiny fissure in it can explode the entire earth, but it is very envelopped and protected by the inner core and the outer core.

Inner Grain: The vortex causes the presence of the gas that surrounds it in the outer grain by its rotating attraction mouvement. It is formed by a very strong attracting point like a signularity black hole, that produces the gravity field of earth.


Universe Structure:

Our Universe has a big and complex structure. The follwing image shows the global universe structure.



Outside Our Universe:




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