MagicCalc v 2.01, stable version, (build 24 June 2011): MagicCalc.rar

  • Corrected Bug in Left Tracing Button

MagicCalc v 2.0, stable version, (build 21 June 2011): magiccalc-v2.0-21-June-2011.rar

  • New Interface
  • Dec, Oct, Hex, Bin buttons activated
  • Integral function reactivated
  • Clear2D and Clear3D functions activated
  • OFF Button functional
  • Some other fixed bugs

MagicCalc v 0.25, stable version, (build 14 June 2011): magiccalc-v0.25-14-June-2011.rar

  • Minus Sign in start of a new expression is fixed.

MagicCalc v 0.24, stable version, (build 24 March 2011): magiccalc-v0.24-24-March-2011.rar

  • Better Visuals.

MagicCalc v 0.23, stable version, (build 18 March 2009): magiccalc-v0.23-18-March-2009.rar

  • No Debug Output.
  • No Blanc Lines after results.
  • Added desactifaction to Shift and Alt Keys after use.
  • Deg/Rad/Gra Modes are now functional.

MagicCalc v 0.22, stable version (build 14 March 2009): magiccalc-v0.22-14-March-2009.rar

  • Functions (ArcSinHyp(), ArcCosHyp(), ArcTanHyp()) are now activated.
  • Integral Function is now activated.
  • Enter key is now functional on the program editor.
  • Functions (SinHyp(), CosHyp(), TanHyp()) are now activated.
  • Functions (Integer(), Factorial(), Fraction()) are now activated.
  • Bug fixed: A bug is detected on expression parsing when you use : 10*sin(x).




  • Unpack the files in one directory of your choice,
  • Execute the program MagicCalc.exe.


This version is tested under Windows 7 / Visual C++ 2010 environment.





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